Hey guys…
I have had a wonderful time but I am pretty bummed that that I have only two more days to enjoy. This is a picture of my and my friend at our hockey tournament and I LoVe it so much. Tomorrow I am going skiing with about 7 of my friends. Everyday my mom keeps waking us up an hour earlier cause for school we have to get up at 6 o’clock. I don’t mind but I just keep remembering that now I don’t get another break until spring. We haven’t had a snow day this year either! Annoying! Any who I am going to go to bed, cause I am having to get up tomorrow at seven o’clock and when you fall asleep at 1 o’clock in the morning.
Bye you guys!!! -smileatthiserror




I know that this is a terrible photo and its not watermarked or edited but I just got the camera in the mail and I absolutely love it! So her is a quick snap shot of why it looks like! Ok goodnight all you wordpressers out there.

Bye -smileatthiserror

Love break

Ok… it is so fun to be on break even though I have homework do and things it is super easy and fun! I have had like 3 photo shoots and hopefully that will get me through times when I have no photos to post, even when I really want to. I have had such a fun time.. skiing, photo shoots, eating, friends…it is so much fun. Also on my instagram and tumblr people have really started looking, which is wonderful because now my photography is really getting out there! Well if you want to see them:



I hope you all enjoy!

Talk to you later!


Ok guys…


I have been working on thank you notes for 8 hours from my Bat-Mitzvah and it has been absolutly crazy, I really want to finish them, but then again I still want for everybody to get the same thoughtful-ness in their notes, UGH!
Anyway this is an edit that I made of my sister’s eye to make it pop a little bit more. I really like it. I hope that everyone has a Super Sunday I think after I finish my thank you notes, I will do a photo shoot!!!!!!!!!

Bye -smileatthiserror


Merry Hannuka and Happy Chrismas

Hi guys…
it has been a wonderful holiday season. I have had so many relatives in town,, I always think that its good when they come and its good when they leave cause the house is so busy, but it is also a lot of fun.

I hope all of you had a very fun holidays with your family. I can’t believe the New Year is coming up and it will be 2013! I’m also very glad that we are stil here and the world didn’t explode or whatever.
I love this edit, as a holiday edit cause its just my cozy~cumfy look ad I love it.
I had such a fun ime and I had major photo shoots so a lot of photos will be coming your way and hopefully you will enjoy them.

Ok guys, ope you like it?

Merry Hannuka and a Happy Christmas!



Hi Guys!!
Today it is my birthday!!! December 22! I went skiing with my friends and it was the first time I went skiing this season cause I have been so busy with hockey!!! Wow it felt so good to be back up on my board again!! I hope everybody had a Super Saturday. My school is now officially on break!! This is one of my favorite edits I’ve ever done. I love how the brick wall is in the back. I also will have more edits coming for you from my ski “trip” from today. The high holidays are so much fun and I am so happy that my birthday is in them.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!!

Fun time

WOW! I had such a fun time! This is three of my younger siblings, the other two are asleep.
Now that I have that whole week behind me I will probably start posting on a regular basis, like I did before.
Check out the daily quotes page!!!
Bye -smileatthiserror


Today is my Bat-Mitzvah and thats why I havent been posting that much. This is me in my strapless dress. I promise that next week I will absolutely post much more. I wen to see the HObbit yesterday and it leaves you on such a cliff hanger but it i SO good. My favorite book is the Hobbit so it was very exciting to go see it! I will write you later tonight I’m going to do my haoir right now!


I have had a busy week cause my Bat-Mitzvah is on Saturday. I have had such a busy week that I haven’t posted in a while!!
Got to go to school