Sometimes You Have To Fly

Sometimes You Have To Fly

I have been in Miami and I have been having such a wonderful time with all my friends that I normally dont get to see.

I have been hanging out with this awesome girl named Emmy and she has taught me a lot of editing tricks… I’m not very good but here s a edit of me flying into space that she helped me with.Tonight is my friends, Jessi’s bat-mitzvah and I traveled over here from Colorado to come be with her and all my friends from 04015.

I love all of you guys! -smileatthiserror


Black & White


I have had one hard day and this photo kind•of summons up the day that i wish i could have had an easy going perfectly awesome cozy slippers kind of day. But instead i had such a crazy time. I was running from place to place, eating, not eating, drinking, not being on time.
Anyway its been pretty hectic but before it got this way two days ago i was just minding my own business and i happened to have a photo shoot with me, myself, and i. Just randomness, and i completely fell in LOVE with this photo shortly after i took it…thank you! Word press is one place i can speak truthfully yet i dont know who will be reading this…~weird~
Thanks! -smileatthiserror