IMG_8834enjoy this picture of me!

Wow! It has been a while since I blogged and I hate the feeling of knowing this is just standing here.

I have a friend that comes up to me and said that everyday she checks my blog to read and see if I have posted anything. She says it always comes up with the photo of my third piercing. This blog is completely dedicated to her and I hope that she reads it and knows.

The Boston marathon bombing is terrible. I feel a need to feel bad for the 19 year old boy, but then I have to think that he harmed so many people and changed there lives forever. I feel bad that his older brother “left” him to fend and fight for the both of them all alone and I believe that he is more book smart than street smart. I read a book that talked about how people who lost limbs or got paralyzed, how there life changed so much.

They can’t even go to the bathroom by themselves and they live half a life that they could be living. They always have to adjust for the rest of their lives.




I know that this is a terrible photo and its not watermarked or edited but I just got the camera in the mail and I absolutely love it! So her is a quick snap shot of why it looks like! Ok goodnight all you wordpressers out there.

Bye -smileatthiserror


Sometimes You Have To Fly

Sometimes You Have To Fly

I have been in Miami and I have been having such a wonderful time with all my friends that I normally dont get to see.

I have been hanging out with this awesome girl named Emmy and she has taught me a lot of editing tricks… I’m not very good but here s a edit of me flying into space that she helped me with.Tonight is my friends, Jessi’s bat-mitzvah and I traveled over here from Colorado to come be with her and all my friends from 04015.

I love all of you guys! -smileatthiserror



I’ve been sick for like 3 days now. These are technically what I’ve been living on tea and raw honey. I love honey I eat it completely out of the spoon, and it is delicious. Everybody must be ewww just spoonfuls of honey but it is soooo good!! yummy yummy
Anyway i hipe you guys like this shot. I am always just so bored when I’m at home sick. I literally have gone through three or four seasons of tv shows, and my new obsession is the Neighbors. I love the thought of aliens and would love to be in a community of aliens i think it would be hilarious😈

Haha well have a fun day everybody!!!!

Bye -smileatthiserror

Black & White


I have had one hard day and this photo kind•of summons up the day that i wish i could have had an easy going perfectly awesome cozy slippers kind of day. But instead i had such a crazy time. I was running from place to place, eating, not eating, drinking, not being on time.
Anyway its been pretty hectic but before it got this way two days ago i was just minding my own business and i happened to have a photo shoot with me, myself, and i. Just randomness, and i completely fell in LOVE with this photo shortly after i took it…thank you! Word press is one place i can speak truthfully yet i dont know who will be reading this…~weird~
Thanks! -smileatthiserror


Im so excited to know be a blogger! These are just thoughts and my photography and special things to me. I also have a tumblr, which is > i also have an instagram @smile_error i hope some of u guys go and check it out. Please comment what u think so far. I really like wordpress so far and i hope all u wordpressers like all my thoughts! I think that we live in such a wonderful world I think that we live in. I love to see so far what everybody does with the technology that we have today, some people share their art, others share their knowledge. I hope that all you guys like what I have to bring to this world, I hope you like what I have to bring to my blog!!!
Thanks!!!!! -smileatthiserror