Different Perspective

Today I am deciding to enter a  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/one-shot-two-ways/ Anyway you should check it out, its 2 different photos from different perspectives taken from the same place. I chose these below. which are two lock photos taken from the same place on a bridge in Paris called the Art Bridge,ImageImageToday I went out with my friend and a photographer to try to learn some new things. On our way driving up the mountain to our destination she was talking about how she suffers from short term memory loss and she can’t remember things from her childhood if there isn’t a picture of it. So she says she tries to capture every moment and always have te camera on autozoom because she’g rather have it and remember then have it blurred and forgotten. She says when she drives she always has her camera on and ready because she never wants to miss anything that could’ve been something.

Another thing she talked about which I thought was super interesting is that she has a best friend who travels the world with one white dress and takes pictures of different women on the dress. Then in the end she puts them all together/ Just an interesting though to ponder; 

5 thoughts on “Different Perspective

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  5. Wow, I have always loved photography, but I have never owned more than a disposable camera, so I never really learned about it. I love your post of the two shots. It’s interesting because life is all about perspective. Recently I have learned a lot about perspective and how it affects a person’s ability to be happy and see the world. When I see photography I realize that it captures that. I have acquired short- term memory loss. It has become so impossible to remember things that I have to keep a detailed journal in order to know what I wore yesterday. I couldn’t tell you what I had for lunch today because by the time school was over I’d already forgotten. I feel for your friend with the memory problems. Please give her my best wishes.

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