IMG_8834enjoy this picture of me!

Wow! It has been a while since I blogged and I hate the feeling of knowing this is just standing here.

I have a friend that comes up to me and said that everyday she checks my blog to read and see if I have posted anything. She says it always comes up with the photo of my third piercing. This blog is completely dedicated to her and I hope that she reads it and knows.

The Boston marathon bombing is terrible. I feel a need to feel bad for the 19 year old boy, but then I have to think that he harmed so many people and changed there lives forever. I feel bad that his older brother “left” him to fend and fight for the both of them all alone and I believe that he is more book smart than street smart. I read a book that talked about how people who lost limbs or got paralyzed, how there life changed so much.

They can’t even go to the bathroom by themselves and they live half a life that they could be living. They always have to adjust for the rest of their lives.


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