Today was officially the most wonderful day of my life!…you know so far. My friend and I were going down to get our ears pierced together tomorrow for a second peircing.
Her mom decided to go take her today so my mom said for us to just pierce it our selves.
As I iced my ear I talked to my mom of how I wish I was a bad kid so that when I was a parent I could tell all my kids all the awesome stories and make them always laugh and what not.
Any way it took me whole hour to get my ear what I thought was numb. Then I went to the bathroom mirror took out the needle that I had been sterilizing and I just stuck it right through my skin two times! It didn’t hurt cause my ear was completely numb. My mom came over to put the earring in and I was laughing saying I did it and I said, “aw thats good stuff.” Then I leaned over and fainted, my mom just said I fell over. She started yelling for help and my step-dad came and soon enough I woke up. All I remember of it, is feeling really dizzy and then just blacking out, all I heard was these voices. It was truly terrible and super scary.
After I was awake, and we had the new second earring in, I walked outside the bathroom and walked to my room.

I thought that now I finally have a story to tell my kids when I am a parent! 🙂
have a goodnight -smileatthiserror


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