Cake TiMe

this is a picture of me eating gluten-free cake all by myself. You see, I am gluten free and my siblings always get donuts or something special so my mom decided to make me a cake this time. I have been working so hard in school, and it has not been fun!
I made some really awesome edits and I will make sure that i will post them.
All the days this week we thought it might be a snow day and none of them ended up being snow day and so far it wis SOOO annoying. When you wake up and see a bunch of powder you could be skiing and then you go to school, it just bothers you SO much. Tomorrow I am hoping it will be a snow day but I dont think it is going to be cause they hate having snow days on Friday because it sets back every thing for the teachers.

UGH! I am gonna go to bed, SO TIRED!!!!


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