Today was officially the most wonderful day of my life!…you know so far. My friend and I were going down to get our ears pierced together tomorrow for a second peircing.
Her mom decided to go take her today so my mom said for us to just pierce it our selves.
As I iced my ear I talked to my mom of how I wish I was a bad kid so that when I was a parent I could tell all my kids all the awesome stories and make them always laugh and what not.
Any way it took me whole hour to get my ear what I thought was numb. Then I went to the bathroom mirror took out the needle that I had been sterilizing and I just stuck it right through my skin two times! It didn’t hurt cause my ear was completely numb. My mom came over to put the earring in and I was laughing saying I did it and I said, “aw thats good stuff.” Then I leaned over and fainted, my mom just said I fell over. She started yelling for help and my step-dad came and soon enough I woke up. All I remember of it, is feeling really dizzy and then just blacking out, all I heard was these voices. It was truly terrible and super scary.
After I was awake, and we had the new second earring in, I walked outside the bathroom and walked to my room.

I thought that now I finally have a story to tell my kids when I am a parent! 🙂
have a goodnight -smileatthiserror


Photo Shoot

Today for the first time ever I did a photo shoot with my mom and it was really awesome. 🙂
It was the first time that I ever did a photo shoot with my mom and we are planning on doing another one some time soon because I got a bunch of good photos and a bunch of good edits. This one I tripled her up and black and white-ed it.

Sometimes I feel like I wake up and do the same thing everyday… wake up…go to school…go to hockey…go to bed. I feel like I need to do something different or change it up or something. Also Our teachers keep on getting upset with these kids and keeps ruing the whole class period!
ugh!!! I’m so tired, I need to go to bed!!!

😛 night 🙂 -smileatthiserror

Cake TiMe

this is a picture of me eating gluten-free cake all by myself. You see, I am gluten free and my siblings always get donuts or something special so my mom decided to make me a cake this time. I have been working so hard in school, and it has not been fun!
I made some really awesome edits and I will make sure that i will post them.
All the days this week we thought it might be a snow day and none of them ended up being snow day and so far it wis SOOO annoying. When you wake up and see a bunch of powder you could be skiing and then you go to school, it just bothers you SO much. Tomorrow I am hoping it will be a snow day but I dont think it is going to be cause they hate having snow days on Friday because it sets back every thing for the teachers.

UGH! I am gonna go to bed, SO TIRED!!!!