Weekend FUN!

hey guys….
I have been in Denver all weekend cause my school has a 4 day weekend since the 1st semester is ending and for MLK day! We had hockey games here, so it was a reason to come up! I used a lot of my saved up money to go buy clothes and stuff, but it was totally worth it and so much fun! I wil later post all the pictures I got of the city life. I know that this i s a super small city compared to New York or Chicago but its a huge city compared to where I live in a small town. I will post some later:)

This photo me and my sister were taking turns taking pictures of each other cause she wants to learn more about photography and taking pictures. I was teaching her little tips and stuff and she captured this awesome photo of me, so I’m posting. I know I havent posted for a while but now that school wont be so crazy I will have WAY more time. I will probably get on my schedule of at least one pos very other day.



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