Hey guys…
Super busy with homework right now, but I found this awesome poem while I was in class and I happen to LOVE it. Take a look and read it 😛 I hope you like it! Gonna go do history homework!

By. Gary Soto

The first time I walked
With a girl, I was twelve,
Cold, and weighted down
With two oranges in my jacket.
December. Frost cracking
Beneath my steps, my breath
Before me, then gone,
As I walked toward
Her house, the one whose
Porch light burned yellow
Night and day, in any weather.
A dog barked at me, until
She came out pulling
At her gloves, face bright
With rouge. I smiled,
Touched her shoulder, and led
Her down the street, across
A used car lot and a line
Of newly planted trees,
Until we were breathing
Before a drugstore. We
Entered, the tiny bell
Bringing a saleslady
Down a narrow aisle of goods.
I turned to the candies
Tiered like bleachers,
And asked what she wanted –
Light in her eyes, a smile
Starting at the corners
Of her mouth. I fingered
A nickle in my pocket,
And when she lifted a chocolate
That cost a dime,
I didn’t say anything.
I took the nickle from
My pocket, then an orange,
And set them quietly on
The counter. When I looked up,
The lady’s eyes met mine,
And held them, knowing
Very well what it was all

A few cars hissing past,
Fog hanging like old
Coats between the trees.
I took my girl’s hand
In mine for two blocks,
Then released it to let
Her unwrap the chocolate.
I peeled my orange
That was so bright against
The gray of December
That, from some distance,
Someone might have thought
I was making a fire in my hands.


Weekend FUN!

hey guys….
I have been in Denver all weekend cause my school has a 4 day weekend since the 1st semester is ending and for MLK day! We had hockey games here, so it was a reason to come up! I used a lot of my saved up money to go buy clothes and stuff, but it was totally worth it and so much fun! I wil later post all the pictures I got of the city life. I know that this i s a super small city compared to New York or Chicago but its a huge city compared to where I live in a small town. I will post some later:)

This photo me and my sister were taking turns taking pictures of each other cause she wants to learn more about photography and taking pictures. I was teaching her little tips and stuff and she captured this awesome photo of me, so I’m posting. I know I havent posted for a while but now that school wont be so crazy I will have WAY more time. I will probably get on my schedule of at least one pos very other day.



Hi guys…
Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while but it’s the end of the second quarter so we have a bunch of tests and so have been studying, also we had hockey this entire weekend so I know that my blog feed has been really boring this past month, but I promise I will get back to my regular daily posting life. Anyway this is a scanography photo that I took the other day. Scanography is awesome cause it uses no ink and it can take photos of yourself, which is awesome.


Hey guys…
I have had a wonderful time but I am pretty bummed that that I have only two more days to enjoy. This is a picture of my and my friend at our hockey tournament and I LoVe it so much. Tomorrow I am going skiing with about 7 of my friends. Everyday my mom keeps waking us up an hour earlier cause for school we have to get up at 6 o’clock. I don’t mind but I just keep remembering that now I don’t get another break until spring. We haven’t had a snow day this year either! Annoying! Any who I am going to go to bed, cause I am having to get up tomorrow at seven o’clock and when you fall asleep at 1 o’clock in the morning.
Bye you guys!!! -smileatthiserror



I know that this is a terrible photo and its not watermarked or edited but I just got the camera in the mail and I absolutely love it! So her is a quick snap shot of why it looks like! Ok goodnight all you wordpressers out there.

Bye -smileatthiserror

Love break

Ok… it is so fun to be on break even though I have homework do and things it is super easy and fun! I have had like 3 photo shoots and hopefully that will get me through times when I have no photos to post, even when I really want to. I have had such a fun time.. skiing, photo shoots, eating, friends…it is so much fun. Also on my instagram and tumblr people have really started looking, which is wonderful because now my photography is really getting out there! Well if you want to see them:

I hope you all enjoy!

Talk to you later!