Ok guys…


I have been working on thank you notes for 8 hours from my Bat-Mitzvah and it has been absolutly crazy, I really want to finish them, but then again I still want for everybody to get the same thoughtful-ness in their notes, UGH!
Anyway this is an edit that I made of my sister’s eye to make it pop a little bit more. I really like it. I hope that everyone has a Super Sunday I think after I finish my thank you notes, I will do a photo shoot!!!!!!!!!

Bye -smileatthiserror



Merry Hannuka and Happy Chrismas

Hi guys…
it has been a wonderful holiday season. I have had so many relatives in town,, I always think that its good when they come and its good when they leave cause the house is so busy, but it is also a lot of fun.

I hope all of you had a very fun holidays with your family. I can’t believe the New Year is coming up and it will be 2013! I’m also very glad that we are stil here and the world didn’t explode or whatever.
I love this edit, as a holiday edit cause its just my cozy~cumfy look ad I love it.
I had such a fun ime and I had major photo shoots so a lot of photos will be coming your way and hopefully you will enjoy them.

Ok guys, ope you like it?

Merry Hannuka and a Happy Christmas!



Hi Guys!!
Today it is my birthday!!! December 22! I went skiing with my friends and it was the first time I went skiing this season cause I have been so busy with hockey!!! Wow it felt so good to be back up on my board again!! I hope everybody had a Super Saturday. My school is now officially on break!! This is one of my favorite edits I’ve ever done. I love how the brick wall is in the back. I also will have more edits coming for you from my ski “trip” from today. The high holidays are so much fun and I am so happy that my birthday is in them.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!!

Fun time

WOW! I had such a fun time! This is three of my younger siblings, the other two are asleep.
Now that I have that whole week behind me I will probably start posting on a regular basis, like I did before.
Check out the daily quotes page!!!
Bye -smileatthiserror


Today is my Bat-Mitzvah and thats why I havent been posting that much. This is me in my strapless dress. I promise that next week I will absolutely post much more. I wen to see the HObbit yesterday and it leaves you on such a cliff hanger but it i SO good. My favorite book is the Hobbit so it was very exciting to go see it! I will write you later tonight I’m going to do my haoir right now!


I have had a busy week cause my Bat-Mitzvah is on Saturday. I have had such a busy week that I haven’t posted in a while!!
Got to go to school

Kindness Goes Far…

Today I woke up at 5:30 in the morning so I could go to my game. I got up and I was just feeling it this morning and I made my first goal this SeAsOn!! OmG I actually can’t believe it a little bit myself and its 11 o’clock at night!

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 5.25.42 PM

After the game we went for a few arrents, I needed to go buy a scrapbook and my dad wanted me to get a jacket. First we went and bought the jacket, next we went for the scrapbook at Walmart. When we went up there was a big fire truck and there were a bunch of firemen standing with bells and a bucket next to them. When we went up and they asked us if we wanted to help a family in need. My dad said sure we’ll help two. The first slip of paper said female, 15 years old, clothes, parents have no job. The second slip of paper said male, 4 years old, toy trucks, – – – -. It left the parent slot empty.

So we went inside and then when we got there, almost all of hockey team was in Walmart so we told them about what we were trying to do for the kids. So faster then we know it we have 12 girls looking for clothes and trucks. We finally found them and all the firemen and women were so happy and all they could do was smile and just keep on saying thank you thank you.

I just keep feeling happy that on Christmas a 15 year old and 4 year old is going to get what they wanted! -smileatthiserror

No Skates

I had my first game today and it was really nerve racking. At the very last moment we lost 2-1 but for most of the game we were 1-1. We still have a chance to win the championship.
My friend came with me on this trip and she is watching my game tomorrow, the second one cause the first one is at 6:30 A.M. Any way I am super nervous for her to watch me cause what if I do really bad.
Ok I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning…Bye -smileatthiserror

Seeing Doubles


Seeing Doubles?

Seeing Doubles?

Hi Guys….
I have had such a busy school week that it seems like it has flown by so quickly. Tomorrow I have a tournament for hockey so I have to miss school cause my first game is at 12 o’clcok.

This is an awesome edit that I made while I was in Florida with


I have been having a wonderful time. In one week exactly is the day of my bat-mitzvah and all my family is gonna start coming in on Wednesday. This weekend I’m spending with my best friend, Jensyn, and my sister. We are all going to go to my hockey tournament.

Here is our schedule for tonight cause it is filled with fun!!!!-smilingatthiserror

Watch Mean Girls

Eat A Lot Of Chocolate

Drink Sparkling Water

Yay!!! Having fun-smilingatthiserror